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We design your advertising/marketing on your needs

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Your brand awareness will be highlighted and boosted by new media strategies

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Smilewaves will focus on giving you visibility in the specific niche market you want to reach

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Smilewaves Services

Marketing and Sales Strategies, Promotion and Advertising, Crowdfunding Campaigns and Social Media maintenance. We can do much for your company, your brand, your products and your goals thanks to our experience and our knowledge. Our experience goes from B2B of blue-chip companies to TripAdvisor account management. Please find more below:

  • Social Media maintenance:

    So many different Social Media and so many different approches for each ones. Smilewaves can assist you managing and maintaining your accounts following your company needs and goals. PPC campaigns included. Save time and resources. Contact us.
  • Affiliates / Merchants Marketing:

    Affiliates Marketing is a very useful and convenient strategy to conquer new clients and markets. Smilewaves offers you different solutions and it can follow each solutions for your company. Contact us.
  • Crowdfunding Consultancy and Marketing:

    Good ideas needs good money. You can be a scientist, an innovetor, a great dreamer but you don't need to be an expert in marketing. We can share with you the burgain to realize the right crowdfunding campaign. Contact us.
  • Presentations and Marketing research services

    Often many companies are not sure of the latest market changes and followed fashions. Smilewaves can do the researches for your company and help your company in planning the future strategies and/or investments. Contact us for more info.
  • Logos and brochures creation:

    Your company needs a restyiling or maybe you just created your own brand, the right Logo can impress or push away your possible clients. Do not stress out, we will do your design. Contact us.
  • Video creation:

    Time to go big! Viral videos? Your company for the mass? Youtube crowd as possible client? Vimeo B2B advertising to impress your exisating customers to invest in your company again? Crowdfunding campaigns looking for bakers? Simply contact us..
  • Photography Services:

    Events or Advertising can be told with one image. Smilewas photographer Claudio Todaro started when just a few shots must be right in films, when attention in details and quality was a must to reach even an accettable results. One shoot to success.... ask to us..
  • Full Advertising Campaigns:

    Look forward! Your comapny could save resources and time and therefore money too. Smilewaves can listen to your needs and goals and plan for you full advertising campaigns, including digital marketing and viral marketing, photography and videos, TV and streaming. Do not hesitate contact us.
  • TripAdvisor and Booking consultancy:

    Experience is gold expecially in a mad online market as the current one. Save resources and time for your daily business and let Smilewaves manage your accounts and increase your business. Focus on your hospitality business and let us speak and deal with those online companies, such as Trivago, TripAdvisor, Booking ... Do not waste more time and contact us.

SMILEWAVES - Your Success is Our Business

We work to enhance your brand and your products. Our final goal is our clients success and satisfaction. Your Success is Our Business   

by Claudio Todaro, Smilewaves

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